Castle Siege

Be the ruler of Bartan!


Castle Siege is a battle between the Guilds or the Alliance Group of several Guilds to fight over the Castle. In this battle the good strategy and tactics are very important to achieving victory.

Become the owner of the Castle and get a Reward that can only be owned by the Castle Owners. Castle Siege lasts once a week according to the time specified.

Castle Siege is from 2-3PM (UTC/GMT+0) every Saturday. The siege takes place at Ezulan Dragon Castle. You can enter the castle through the three portals located at Suer Town.


The Map of the Ezulan Castle

During weekdays, only the Casle Owner Guild members can enter to the Ezulan Castle field. During Siege, only the Defender Guild members and the registered Attacker Guild members can enter to the Ezulan Castle field.

NOTICE: Registration must be done 1 hour before the siege begins.

  • Portal for Suer: This portal is the entrance to Ezulan Castle from the town of Suer.
  • Front Gate: The location where Guardian Stone is located, it must be defended by Defending Guild and must be destroyed by Attacking Guild, Guardian Stone must be Destroyed to Sealing process.
  • Sealing Room: The Seal Stone is in the Sealing Room. The Sealing Process must be done to get the Castle.
  • Inner Castle: If a member of the Defending Guild dies, he can revived inside the Castle.
  • Outer Castle: If a member of the Attacking Guild (who attacked the castle) dies, he can revived outside of the Castle.


All guilds can officially register in the castle siege. There is no guild level or number of members requirement for the siege registration.

  • Attackers
    Guild Leaders may register through the Castle Siege Manager located at Suer Town. Registration must be done 1 hour before the siege begins. The Castle Owner’s Ally Guilds must also register as attackers to participate in the siege.
  • Defenders
    Only the clan who has successfully occupied the castle will be listed under as Defenders. The Castle Owner does not have to register. The guild will automatically be listed as Defenders

When the Siege Begins

  • All characters inside the Castle including the castle owner and its members will be ported out to Suer town.
  • A system announcement that the siege has begun will appear. Siege has officially started.
  • Attacking and Defending Guilds may now enter the Castle through the 3 portals at Suer town.
  • Attacking Guilds will be ported to the entrance of the castle while the Defending Guild will spawn at the middle area near the Guardian Stone once they enter.
  • Allied guilds may not attack each other while they are part of the alliance, preventing any attack damage from each other.

Character Death

  • There will be no exp loss and item drop upon character death inside the Siege Area.
  • Attackers will be transported to the Outer Castle if they choose Graveyard.
  • Defenders may respawn in the Castle’s Graveyard.
  • All participating players may use Dragona Heart during the castle siege.

Guardian Stone

All attacking guilds must destroy the Guardian Stone in order to activate the sealing process of the Castle.

Attacking Guilds will have 30 mins to destroy the stone.

If the stone is not destroyed within the allotted time, the siege will end and the castle will be retained by the defending guild.

sealing-process2 sealing-process

Sealing Process

Once the Guardian Stone has been destroyed, Guild Leaders of the attacking team may now start the sealing process. The Seal Stone is located in the Sealing room inside the castle. Only the Guild Leader can start the sealing process. He/she must enter the Transparent Dome and click on the Seal Stone to automatically start the process.

Only 1 Guild Leader can perform the sealing at a time, the opposing guilds must kill the character if they wished to stop or want to seal the stone. The Guild Leader may participate in the battle while the sealing takes place. The name of the character sealing the stone will be seen on the Seal Stone Status window in the User Interface/Player’s screen.

The Guild Leader will have 3 minutes to successfully complete the sealing process. Allied guild leaders of the Castle Owner are allowed to seal the stone.

The sealing process will be canceled if the Guild Leader:

  • Clicks on Cancel button.
  • Moves outside the transparent dome.
  • Dies or gets disconnected.

The guild master who has successfully defended a Sealing when the siege ends, will own the Ezulan Dragon Castle.

Siege Reward

Castle field becomes the owner's private area after the siege ends and all other characters will be ported out to Suer town. Between the weekly sieges a special Ezulan Boss appears in the Castle area once a day, with valuable rewards.


The occupying guild will receive a Crown emblem right beside their character names.

The leader of the occupying guild will automatically receive the Ezulan Amaranthis Full Transformation after the siege. This item cannot be deleted or traded. It will only be deleted and transferred once the castle owner fails to defend the Ezulan Dragon Castle, transfer the guild leadership or disbands the guild.


The Castle Owner will be given the right to adjust the tax rate of the territory. The tax rate will take effect 10 mins after it is adjusted. The Castle Owner may only adjust the tax rate every 8 hours.

The Tax will be collected from the consumables bought by players in Nazallan, Suer and Pampus. Tax rate can be adjusted from 0% up to 5% only. Tax collected from the purchased items will automatically proceed to the Castle Funds.

The Castle Fund updates every hour. The Castle Owner can access the Castle Funds through the Castle Siege Manager NPC. The Castle Owner may withdraw funds through the Castle Siege Manager NPC. He/She may also send castle funds but only for his guild members.

NOTICE: The Castle Owner's logs are seen in the Operational Record tab.