What your Rank says about you?

The ranking system is split into three categories: positive rank, neutral rank and negative rank. These categories are split into nine different sections that run on a scale from -1,000 to 1,000.

Positive Rank

There are three ways to obtain positive rank. The first is by killing monsters within your level range ( /- 9 from your level). If the monster is of the same level or greater, more rank will be obtained. Rank is also obtained automatically by keeping your character online.

When rank is positive or neutral, you will receive one honor point every 20 minutes; when rank is negative you will receive one honor point every 3 minute. You can double the amount of rank obtained if you killing monsters.

The final way to obtain rank is by consuming items that will increase your rank. Using a Indulgence Indulgence will increase your rank by 50 points. If your rank is negative, you can use a Medal of Honor Medal of Honor which will restore your rank up to 0 points.

Rank Honor Points
[Chivalric] 600 to 1,000
[Noble] 400 to 599
[Good] 200 to 399
[Friendly] 50 to 199
Neutral 0 to 49
[Aggressive] -1 to -199
[Fraudulent] -200 to -399
[Malicious] -400 to -599
[Cruel] -600 to -1,000
Rank Increased Item Drop Rate
[Chivalric] +5%
[Noble] +3%
[Good] +2%
[Friendly] +1%

Increased Item Drop Rate

Having positive rank increases the possibility of dropping items. The higher your rank, the higher the increase of item drop.

Rank Possibility to Drop Equipped Item
Aggressive 5%
Fraudulent 10%
Malicious 30%
Cruel 40%

Negative Rank

There is one way that can make your rank negative. This is by attacking players when your PK mode PK Mode is ON and the target player rank is more than 0. The chance of loosing rank by this method is not guaranteed, but should it occur you will loose 100 honor points.

If a player has negative rank, there is a chance they will drop items they have equipped if they are killed. An exception is if the player is in a dungeon or in a arena.

In order to prevent items being dropped when killed, the player can use a Binding Oil Binding Oil. If a Binding Oil is active and the player with negative rank dies, there is only a chance that the Binding Oil effect will gone.