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Dragon Transformation is the process of temporarily borrowing the power of the dragons to enable the use of their power. This will transform the character’s body either in part or full. Dragon Transformation is broadly classified into Partial Transformation and Full Transformation. Dragon Transformation is used for effective battle, dividing up roles while engaged in battle with other characters, or during group play.

Dragon Transformation Features

  • Powerful in battle between characters
  • Helpful for group play although its battle ability is not that powerful.
  • Specialized for solo play

Types of Dragon Transformation

  • Partial Transformation
    Partial Transformation is the change of only part of the body by receiving the power of dragons. Because receiving the dragon power is uneasy on the body, research was done to find another way of applying it, which resulted in this partial ability. To maintain Partial Transformation, CORE energy has to be maintained continuously.
  • Full Transformation
    Full Transformation is the changing of the entire appearance of the character. In this state, you cannot use weapons or skills that you used before the transformation. There is a separate set of passive and active skills you can use in Full Transformation, and an exclusive skill slot window is provided. Since Full Transformation is a condition that places a tremendous burden on the body, the CORE gauge is drained faster than it is for Partial Transformation. In Full Transformation, the character completely changes into a different form with its own special weapon.

Concept of CORE

CORE refers to the energy for using dragon transformation items, and must be replenished in order to maintain dragon transformation. CORE energy is used up as Dragon Transformation is sustained, and the rate of its consumption is dependent on the condition of Dragon Transformation.

During a monster hunt, it will be at a certain percentage, and appear as a blue crystal ball, which will disappear over time. CORE is classified into normal and large depending on its size and absorption amount. Normal COREs are automatically absorbed when you approach them, whereas Large COREs are automatically absorbed when you left-click them two times.